RBR is committed, by providing human, instrumental and financial resources, to pursue the objectives of continuous improvement of employees’ safety and health and the environment, as an integral part of its business and as strategic commitment, with respect to the company objectives. To support this commitment, RBR is required to manage its activities, and employees are expected to act to ensure that:
Workplaces, operating methods, organizational aspects and products are designed to safeguard the health of workers, company assets, third parties, the community in which the company operates and  the surrounding environment.
All  workers are trained, informed and made aware of the need to carry out their duties safely and to assume their responsibilities with regard to safety and health at work.
All laws and in particular the regulations in force in the field of safety in the workplace and on the environment are promptly implemented.
Pollution is prevented and natural resources are protected not only within the company and in the community in which the company is located, but also within suppliers and partners who participate in business processes and with the involvement of customers who use our products
To this end the Management is committed to deploying resources in terms of personnel and equipment necessary for this purpose.The Safety & Environment Management System manual represents the formalisation of this corporate will and the guide for the application of the management system.