Dear customers,
We would like to take this opportunity to humbly but proudly express our sincere gratitude to all of our customers and clients who have chosen RBR Valvole throughout the years.
Ever since the establishment of our company, dated back in 1964, RBR has developed into one of the historic and best reputed Italian valve manufacturers, with a significant number of accreditation both National and International.
Our successes make us extremely grateful for the support and recognition received over the years and with this in mind we developed our organization to be customer-centric posing as primary objective our customers’ expectations and needs.
Our team, within their specific disciplines and on the basis of our foundational Values, is there to meet and possibly anticipate our customers’ requirements in all phases, from the FEED stage throughout the life of the entire project, inclusive of site assistance during start-up and commissioning.

The extensive manufacturing program spans from ½” to 56” in all pressure classes, materials and executions but the strengths of RBR stands in its ability of delivering state-of-the-art products and solutions “Engineered to Customer Requirements”.The support we offer starts from an “On Time” delivery of the initial project documentation, which is essential for the smooth and on time project execution, to complete with an unparalleled products delivery.
Striving to continuously develop products, technology and services, we aim to reward those who chose RBR Valvole with the best value solutions.
While acknowledging in advance for the time you will take to go through our website which at present is edited in a temporary version, counting on your continued support and preference, we warmly invite You to contact us for any query or clarification you might need.